SITH Quilt

Something in the Hands, screen print on fabric, quilting and embroidery, 2019


I graduated high school… and I was having an affair with a woman at the time, my best friend in high school. I didn’t imagine that I was a lesbian at the time, but I was hoping that she was. She’s now married to a man. I called that one off…

 I was looking for a husband. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with that husband. Jo said that we would live next door to each other, and not work of course. We were going to stay home while our men went off to work, and we’d have kids that we’d send off to school, then we’d jump in bed with each other. It sounded pretty good until she went to school. I started getting confused, were people really living that way? I looked around the streets of Cincinnati to see if there were other lesbians here. I concluded that there were not. I was pretty sure that there were others, but I didn’t know what to look for. Maybe something in the hands, or a certain haircut.”