Something in the Hands

This project examines lineage and identity formation within the spaces of queer archives, particularly as it pertains to the lives of queer women. Much of the work draws on source materials found in the Ohio Lesbian Archive, a small organization based out of Cincinnati. The physical space of the archive itself, as well as the subjects which its materials address, are equal points of interest. Viewers are invited to consider the archive as an affective space as well as one where negotiations of visibility, personal experience, and political realities are interwoven. In addition to the creation of artistic works, a series of interviews were conducted with queer women based in Southern Ohio as part of an ongoing oral-history project. Ultimately, a completed edition of prints, as well interview transcripts were donated back to the archive. This element of social practice is an important conclusion to the work, as it allows the project to exist in conversation with other researchers and adds to the complex lineage of experience which the archive contains.